Collaborative Partnerships

will shape our space future

Arizona State University contributes to one of the most robust and interconnected environments for innovation in the world. To help realize this full potential, the Interplanetary Initiative is partnering with companies to drive future space exploration opportunities. 

The collaborative effort will center on three main areas: 


Develop a problem-solving workforce for the space needs of now and the future.


Develop cutting-edge research based on Big Questions. 


Join together across economic sectors and geographical boundaries, to harness unique strength and growth potential.  

ASU Expertise

Arizona State University has a vast, diverse range of expertise and actors within these fields. 

ASU's Expertise in Space

Partnering has its benefits

  • Participate in developing an innovative model for undergraduate education 
  • Access to the Interplanetary Lab and Ideation Studio
  • Pool resources to stretch investment in core R&D and science 
  • Access to IP or royalties from IP generated by II 
  • Streamlined access to facilities and faculty at ASU 
  • Access to top talent: internships and hiring
  • A sandbox for testing out new technologies and project management methods and processes 
  • Opportunity to participate in joint proposals 
  • Access to the II network 
  • Early invitations to international workshops to form private-public partnerships around key needs

We invite you to develop a one-of-a-kind partnership with us to accelerate our mutual space goals together! 

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Existing Partners